Small talk on topic, World 

I question my destiny. It is a immense spatial and temporal world every single specific human isn’t actually needed. Everyone standing on giants’ shoulder can have insights for future. Without that, even genius will crash and burn. Born, mature, dead, people is mortal. Comparing to human race, no individual human is an exception of natural rules. We are plainly temporary gene storehouses walking on the ground.

I question whether my parents love me or love their son. I used to think this in commute. If I was substituted by another in the initial state, would anyone care for me? I guess not. In fact no one will know me if I’m not exist. I can assume people congratulates having a boy. It’s a celebrate for everyone. However, it’s a unreversed disaster for myself.

So what I want to say is we always too micro for this world. We are doomed to lose ourself if allowing much extrinsic stuff to come into life. I like what I do. I do what I want. Don’t waste fun of living. Meanwhile, our concept of world is built on people around. Without friends, relatives etc., we will lose identity. Apparently you can not affect this big world, but you can live excellent in your own small world.